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About Us

CopyCat Communications is a small, dedicated design and communications company and has been established in the industry since 1996.

Our strength is cost-effective communication services across a variety of mediums. Our work ethic is ‘hands-on’ and 100% service driven.

Our clients range from corporates, medium-sized businesses, NGOs to academic institutions. We are a choice service provider to Parliament and all Government Departments in the Western Cape in the production of: Annual Reports, Annual Performance Plans, advertising design & placement and general communications.

The core staff of the business is Charlotte Ewins and Joanne Preiss. Our company has a highly skilled network of project teams who we work with on a regular basis. We strive to maintain the balance between keeping costs low for the client whilst ensuring the highest benchmark in quality. Charlotte Ewins (the owner and project manager) deals directly with the clients, understanding their personal communication requirements. We drive to ensure all deliverables are met to top quality and in perfect time. We work with a team of copywriters, proof readers and translators to get the message right FIRST time and manage the service process from brief to delivery. Joanne Preiss, the Creative Director, sets up the graphic design and typesetting team and also works hands-on with the clients during the creative process.

We have established relationships with the press and trade magazines and offer cost-effective solutions to all advertising campaigns. Our print-service alliance companies are fully committed to quality service and we work with digital and litho processes subject to the nature of the job.